Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Play n Learn

When I was growing up, what if....

History was taught using visuals
Tests were in the form of games
Scores were assigned based on number of clues unravelled
Grades were based on number of levels crossed

What if....

Science, Maths, Geography, Civics and even Literature were taught the same way as above

What if....

Engineering could be converted in to fun games
Accounting and Finance learnt through online Apps

How much more would i learn?! How much more would we all learn??!! How much better would the world be, where people who actually knew the subject did well, versus people who were able to mindlessly memorize facts.

Could we create such a world for future generations at least?

Anyone out there who would be willing to invest in such an idea?

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Blogger Unknown said...

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10:51 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Chaitra,
i happen to come across your blog through a series of search starting from Tim brown's interview and ending on "Touchy Feely" blog.
Your question at the end of the above blog made me write to you....
How the brain naturally learns and unlearns has been very close subject to me as well ..
The latest idea which has fascinated me is the "story-based learning" by Roger Schank.....
I plan to first experiment this thing on myself .....


10:52 AM  
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