Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Multiplemnas and Pendulums

Should I follow my dreams or should I do what is the norm?? Knowing myself, 'the norm' usually gets ruled out, unless 'the' norm is 'my' norm too, not often this happens though. So now that invariably leads me to 'dreams'. What should one do when they have so many dreams!! Aah!! Yes, thats my biggest dilemna or should I say, multiplemna now.

List my dreams, (not in the order of preference)
Indian Air Force Pilot (Yes, I have gotten a few laughs for this from people who see my height. But I have checked and 5'2" qualifies by a full 2"!! So everyone can switch off their sly smiles)
Adventure Travel show host, say for Discovery or Nat Geo
Professional dancer, from Bharatnatyam to Swing, from Garbha to Flamingo
Indian Administrative Service officer
Indian Police Service officer
Central Bureau of Investigation officer
Business person (Ah talk about business ideas here, it ranges from Bubble-Tea places to Educational Institutions. Actually it might help to list them - B-T, Eng Sch Ch, Reg Sch Ch, W Fin for SBs, Eco Tou Ch, Tou n Tr Ch, Ru Dev Pr, the list keeps getting appended to)

Hmm..though this list wasnt per say in order of preference, it does strike me that business person features at the fag end..what can I say but - :P

Studying my list, a definite common theme is India. Another common theme is public service - be it direct in a Govt. service or indirect by creating employment and preserving local peoples & heritage. Another common theme is fun. Yes, enjoyement with what I do is a major ingredient that goes into the satisfaction that I will derive from these.

Now making a more realiztic analyzis of my list, there are a few that have timed out (just one actually) - Air Force Pilot, the age limit was 22 :'( (This has the additional effect of making me realize how old I am!! Well, atleast I dont look so (Smug smile on face) ); a few that can be cultivated in hobby form - Danseuse; and a few that can be implemented with time - Businesses. Hmm..then what is my multiplemna in this case..It is what should I do right away? Should I start off on a stable income path or should I take a riskier venture route? Another embedded question is, if I do the stable income route, should I embark on it here in my country or outside in another country? Another embedded question is, if I go the risky venture route, should I work on my own venture or should I get experience first by working for another? It is hard to find answers for these. I have been battling with these questions for a while now. Each option seems to shout out its upsides and downsides, without the foresight into the future it is hard to tell which will take me where I want to go, especially when it is not even clear to me myself as to where it is that I want to go!! Oh dear God! I am all muddled. But, hey! As I am writing this a thought comes to me, probably the very fact that I dont know where I want to go means whatever path I take will lead me to a place where I will eventually develop the want to go. Ah, it does makes sense. It helps to blog once in while! It seems to be helping me think clearer, though of course the waters are still murky, however even the slightest patch of clarity caused by the bursting of a rising bubble does help.

I shall stop here. Take things as they come and learn to be happy with whatever I do. (Psst, though it surely is hard to let go of the 'what's the best pat' question even after all these semi-philosophical musings). Well I guess 50 years from now I will laugh at this....Will I?? (Or will I think, why the hell didnt I think and analyze more as to the 'right' path?!) Oh dear! No no, I wont..Hopefully..clearly I am in a highly oscillating and unstable mood right now. So shall stop my pendulum (atleast from writing further, cause I cant stop it swinging in my mind can I?! Sigh.. :) )



Blogger Unknown said...

Suggestion for a career:

A pilot working on the field for Nat Geo and investigating unsolved criminal cases and teaching ur crew to dance when u get free time and making this whole thing a big business :)

2:59 PM  
Blogger Ragu Kattinakere said...

I think if we knew what we will be then where is the scope for excitement? At least your ambitions are reasonable! Pilot is a "can be" thing compared to Field Marshal :) You are not alone; there are many out there. For me, I am not alone; there is company in confusion. (Sigh!)

10:07 AM  
Blogger Manu Gurudatha said...

"...Another embedded question is, if I do the stable income route, should I embark on it here in my country or outside in another country?..."

Somehow this sentence put a smile on my face :) Not sure if its "my country" or something else...

Anyway, the post itself was a pretty good read and I could associate myself with many of your thoughts as well... Good one, Chaitra!

8:49 AM  
Blogger just a few words.. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:22 PM  
Blogger just a few words.. said...

nice realization Chaitra...

10:26 PM  
Blogger Shankar B M said...

... the multiplemma :-) which bites every individual. But I would say, one closed door opens a thousand one and you just need to follow your Bigger Goals in life. The path taken is immaterial. philosophical ....

anyways...Good one ...

11:50 PM  
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