Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Pranav post on blogger

Praand is two years and six months old. I have been meaning to keep a tab of his daily exploits, and have finally gotten around to it today.

He said something blog worthy this morning but I am blanking out on it right now. Hopefully it will come back to me.

He is growing up to be a very affectionate boy hugging and kissing and saying i-love-you all the time. Makes my heart melt when he holds my face with both his palms and says "i love you mamma" or "you are so cute mamma".

However he makes sure he creates balance by being equally boisterous - "fighting" and exerting his independence by refusing to use his "nice/indoor voice"and saying "I want to beat you mamma" when he is mad about something or has a lot of pent up energy waiting for release.

He still doesn't understand the concept of "waiting". And so can get worked up when his call isn't answered after repeated (in quick succession) entreaties.

Toddlers are literally sponges and Pranav is no exception. He picked up the English alphabet by 20 months and was able to count to ten. He remembered almost all of his books by heart and would chime in while we read and/or act out the rhyme (like teddy bear teddy bear touch your nose). He knew the phonetic alphabet before his second birthday. By Jan-Feb he could recognize all the small case alphabets, knew the months of the year and days of the week, could count to 29 (and beyond with prompting) and recite Brahma Murari (in addition to all the usual rhymes). And by 28 months he could read three letter words with 90% accuracy, and spell them too when in the mood.

I guess it makes the nerd in me proud, that's why I am journaling these dates-events.

He now attends shloka classes - given his liking for rhymes and songs, we figured we should try out. He doesn't utter a word during the class. But surprisingly at home is able to recite whatever was taught. At least so far as it's been easy ones (I think). From last class his teacher had moved on to bhajans, will wait to see how that gets picked up.

Recording this for posterity

Makes for good post-retirement reminiscence :)

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