Monday, July 16, 2007


2 years: A long time.

The business school has been a bubble. Life away from life. But still very real.

It has been a roller coaster ride - personally and academically. I have had my highs and lows. The academic part was good no doubt, but what completes the experience and makes it unbeatably valuable for the rest of my life is the personal growth I have experienced in the last 2 years. Personal growth includes - family, friends, relationships and even profession.

I had heard many elders and learned people say, life is a continuous process of learning. These 2 years have reinforced it. I have learnt to keep myself open for learning always from all quarters. Many people say this theoretically. I have learnt that it is very hard to do the same practically. I havent mastered it, no way, no where near, but the good news is that I am aware of the difficulty of implementation and so am on the first step to implementation.

Learning is required on all fronts, most importantly on how to handle people and situations. I have begun to understand that be it business, be it personal life, this ability is key to everything. And the key to this is to be empathetic and sympathetic not just to others, but to myself! Yes, to myself :) I had forgotten myself in the whole scheme of empathy and sympathy and in the process I realized it was affecting my epmpathy and sympathy towards others. God! Its all linked and so convoluted, yet so delinked and so simple.

Well, anyone reading this might be confused by now as to what I am saying or why I am saying what I am saying (There you go, another confusing line); Dont worry, you will, if and when you run into me.

Essentially, I am grateful to God, to all the elders blessings and wellwishers best wishes that have gotten me this far, given me this wonderful experience. I humbly request continuation of these blessings and best wishes as I continue to learn going through what life has in store in years ahead. I hope and pray sincerely that my aspirations are fulfilled and I hope and pray sincerely that my family and friends expectations are fulfilled and I hope and pray sincerely that everyone of our lives is filled with love, hope and joy. Tathaastu! Inshahallah! Amen!

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