Monday, January 05, 2009

Good times at Home!

Squinting in the bright light, I tried to read the sign on the road, trying to figure out whether I turn here or at the next traffic signal. Unable to figure out the words till the last second, I ended up swerving sharp to make the right turn, barely missing the car behind me who was trying to get ahead thinking I was headed straight. A cacophony of horns blasted all around me, suddenly there was a blinding flash and I found myself falling, flailing and falling further. I tried to scream, all I heard was a feeble splutter. I flailed my arms wildly hoping to grab on to something that would arrest my fall, all I could grasp was thin air. A sudden yank, another blinding flash of light and I had found my voice, and my flailing arms had found something to grasp on to. Just that my mom wasnt too happy to see me throwing off her precious duvet with its new cover and mathcing sheets, screaming my head off in the process. The blinding flash I realized was the Sun shining mercilessly through my window which had just been thrown open by my even more merciless mother. Who on earth gets out of bed before 10am on a Saturday?! Geez, parents just dont get it, do they?!